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Are you a tree service business owner looking to grow without worrying about marketing?

Focus solely on delivering exceptional tree care to your customers while we focus on delivering exceptional marketing to your business and fill your pipeline with high quality tree jobs.  

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We help small to medium tree service businesses increase market share through High Return on Ad Spend (6-11X), Automation, and our Customer Retention System

The only north star we have for our clients is Return On Investment. Every marketing dollar is efficiently utilized to bring back itself in multiples. The tree service industry is becoming more competitive by the day. According to IBIS World, as of 2021 there are 185,322 tree service businesses in the US! Meaning for each county there are about 62 tree care businesses competing for the same customers.  

Tree service marketing is what we do. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.  If you're not happy, we'll fire ourselves!

We understand that you're in business to make maximum profit and create a great life for yourself and your family. Our mission is to get you there as soon as possible and make sure you stay there.

We have heard countless horror stories of marketing agencies under delivering and wasting your precious dollars. So to make your decision easier we have put in place a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Yes, we're that confident you won't want to leave us!

"Massih has been a great partner for us over the past 12 months. I can confidently say that I’ve received a 6-11x return on the money I invested in his services. In the first 30 days of working together, we generated an extra $24,000 in revenue from the tree removal/trimming calls he sent us. Takes time to listen and learn about an ideal customer for the business, which most marketing guys don’t do. Because of our relationship we have been able to grow tremendously."

— Bashar Ghanem, Founder & CEO of Service Queen Landscaping & Tree Service, Broward County Florida



Exclusive Relationship

We will not work with your competitors in your service areas. Period.


Cancel Anytime

We will not lock you in a long term contract. You may wish to cancel our services at any time.


Monthly Reporting

You will know exactly how each of your dollars is used and the Return on Investment.

Website Design & Optimization

The most fundamental component of your online presence is your company’s website. A highly functional and optimized website can absolutely take your business to new unseen heights. Think of your website as your most effective salesperson who can produce for your business 24/7 and doesn’t need a salary or employment benefit! It is one of the most important assets for any business and investing in it will be extremely profitable for you.  

Whether you need a website from scratch or you’re looking to revamp and optimize your current one, we are here to help! Not only we’ll create a stunning and functional website for your business but we’ll also implement the latest Conversion Rate Optimization technology so more of your website visitors turn into actual paid customers!

How Can We Help Grow Your Business?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If implemented correctly, Paid-Pay-Click advertising is an incredibly effective way to get in front of high-interest and ready-to-buy customers who are actively searching for your tree services. Without the help of an experienced PPC expert, platforms like Google, Bing, or Facebook, make it extremely easy for the inexperienced to blow through their advertising budget quickly and easily have a negative Return on Investment (ROI).

The only thing we care about is how much money goes into your pocket from our advertising efforts. We focus primarily on Return on Invest. We guarantee our clients a return of at least 6-11X on their advertising dollars. Although the ROI can be much more if you're great at closing and retaining customers. With our PPC advertising system you will have the opportunity to bring in new customers profitably every single day so prepare yourself to buy new trucks and higher more crews!

Search Engine Optimization

More than 70% of search engine users completely avoid the paid ads that are shown at the top of search results and go straight to the organic section! That is a lot of potential customers lost if your website is not showing up on first page search results. So it's paramount to also invest in Search Engine Optimization if you’re looking to grow and dominate your local market.

As we implement a highly profitable PPC advertising campaign for you to provide immediate results, we’ll also start working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so over a few months your company will show up on the top of Google search results for your service areas. SEO is by far the highest returning investment you can make in your business to ensure long term flow of leads for years to come. As your website’s Google ranking improves and eventually gets to top 3, we have the option to slow down your PPC advertising and allocate that advertising budget to another area in your business. With a strong SEO and PPC plan there’s absolutely no reason you cannot crush your competition and become the biggest player in your market. We want to win the opportunity to make that a reality for your business.

We are invested in your success just as much as you are, as our success is measured by yours.

Massih Mortazavi

Founder & CEO

Massih is a digital marketer who specializes in helping tree service businesses land high ticket jobs. He is an expert in pay per click advertisement and only works with ambitious business owners who are willing and able to grow.

Our Founder

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